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Dry Petal

Preserved Gypsophila Paniculata

Preserved Gypsophila Paniculata

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Also known as 'Common baby's-breath', Gypsophila Paniculata is an herbaceous perennial native to eastern Europe and western Asia . It can grow up to 1.2m (4ft) tall with branches having clusters of flowers with petals varying in light colours.

Our natural dried and preserved Gypsophila Paniculata symbolises everlasting charm, effortlessly bringing a touch of nature to its given surroundings.

Note these are real flowers subject to seasonal and other external conditions which may result in slight size and colour differences.



Size: 100-120g or 200-230g

Length: 40-50cm

Flower Head Diameter: 1-3mm

Additional Information

Do not water. Once un-packaged, gently arrange the stems manually to open as preferred. If needed, leave the flowers air and breathe in the sun for a few hours.

Place in a dry vase. Looks beautiful as a timeless bouquet.



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