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Dry Petal

Preserved Natural Pampas Grass - Flower Ear

Preserved Natural Pampas Grass - Flower Ear

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Dried natural pampas is a timeless and enchanting addition that can elevate any space. Harvested at the peak of its beauty, each stem embodies the delicate grace of nature, preserved to bring you everlasting charm. 

Compliment with one of our curated vase selections to truly bring the most out of your dried natural pampas.

Note these are real flowers subject to seasonal and other external conditions which may result in slight size and colour differences.



Package: 1 = 6 pieces

Total Length: 35 - 55cm

Flower Length: 15-25cm


Additional Information

Do not water. Once un-packaged, leave the flowers air and breathe in the sun for a few hours. Place in a dry vase.


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